Friday, July 11, 2008

Gov. Granholm visits Flint

Anyone who knows anything about Flint knows not to get too excited when politicians show up announcing the city is turning the corner, on the way up, making a fresh start, or any other vague cliché about economic improvement.

But it does appear that things are getting marginally better downtown, and Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm showed up today to tour the newly refurbished Community Foundation Building — former home of Dale's Foods for Health and Baker Drugs — and the soon-to-be open Wade Trim building. Both projects are spearheaded by Uptown Developments.

For the record, the governor described the projects as "cool" and "cutting edge," which doesn't inspire confidence, but let's think positive.

Here are some beginning, middle and end photos of the foundation building at the corner of S. Saginaw and W. First Streets. For video, go here.

(Photo by Jar With Most)

(Photo by sarrazak6881)

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