Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Daniel Alan Thompson, R.I.P.

Dana DeFever of The Flint Journal reports:

"A 20-year-old man died Wednesday morning after he was shot.

"Daniel Alan Thompson, 20, was shot in the upper torso about 1:25 a.m. Wednesday morning on Kermit Street south of Pierson Road.

"Sgt. Mitch Brown said Thompson was inside a vehicle when he was shot. One other occupant was in the vehicle with him, he said. Thompson was taken to Hurley Medical Center, where he later died.

"Brown said Thompson is originally from the Grand Rapids area, but was living in the Flint area.

"Police believe the incident could of have been a possible robbery attempt."

For a map of Flint homicides, go to the Flint Murder Map.


  1. I bet he died with his pants pulled up.

  2. Gordie
    Did you have to put this blog on today? I'm already having enough anxiety about driving to Flint...

  3. These posts show how little commonsence people have now a days. i.e jacob he was a father of a child, show some respect.remember what goes around comes around!

  4. Anonymous, I understand your point. At first I was going to reject jacob's comment because I thought it was disrespectful. But on further consideration, I decided this was a way of pointing out that while the police chief wasted time, energy, and money on the ridiculous baggy pants crackdown, people were dying.

    I allowed the comment because I thought it was making a larger point about crime and priorities in Flint, not making light of a tragic murder.

    For the record, the whole point of posting the murders and tracking them on a map was to — in my small way — acknowledge the people who died.

    Thanks for your comment.

  5. The comment about the pants is unneccesary and I think disrespectful of my close friend. He was a son, brother, and a father. He DOES NOT deserve to be the blunt of your point. Find the appropriate article to post under, and show some respect!

  6. Anonymous,

    I understand what you are saying. As a friend of Daniel, if you email me some memories of him, or a descriptions of him and what he meant to you, I'd be happy to post them on the site. If you have a digital photo, I'd run that to. (Not in the comment section, but as a regular post on the website.)

    Again, the goal of writing about murder victims was to give some recognition of the citizens themselves. So I'd really welcome your memories and thoughts about him.

    Feel free to email me directly to talk about it.

  7. To think him and channing were just over @ my house a month before this. I used to live in the same park as dan and we shared some crazy times together, dan was the guy you could always ask a favor and without questioning it, he would do it. So my wishes go out to his family. There will be better days with him in the presence of us.

  8. It's always tragic when someone is murdered for no apparent reason,and doubly so when we knew them. But Jacob was more than likely saying this in a self defense mode,i.e. gallows humor, as it's called. I'm sure each of us have said something we're wishing we could take back, at some point in our lives.And the remark does make the point also that Gordon was stating,how superdix and the donster are not only wasting tons of money, but Human Lives also...

  9. Will this be helpful?

    I pray so.

  10. Are they ever going to find the murderer? Did they even try?


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