Monday, July 28, 2008

Flint Artifacts: Buick Employee Badge


  1. The badge pictured is genuine but not the earliest. This one says, "Buick Motor Div" whereas the earliest were, "Buick Motor Co". If I remember my history correctly, the "Co." badge was used till around 1926, and the "Div" badges kicked in after that.

    During WWII Buick used picture badges--HIGHLY COLLECTABLE!

    All these old factory badges are collectable and turn up on eBay. The Fisher Body badges are most common, and AC Spark Plug round badges are very uncommon. Buick and Chevy badges are the in between scarcity..speaking of here in Flint of course.

    1. When did the triangular "Buick Motor Co." badge start? Did they have them in '03-'04?


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