Tuesday, July 1, 2008

June swoon

Nick Bunkley of The New York Times reports on the dismal June auto sales figures:

"Sales fell 28 percent at the Ford Motor Company, 21.4 percent at the Toyota Motor Company and 18.2 percent at General Motors in June, the worst month yet in a miserable year for the automobile industry."


  1. Whenever I want to feel depressed I visit your blog. Geez, any positive thoughts at all?

  2. First it's smurfs, inc. criticizing my obsession with photos of abandoned buildings, and now this. Come on, omg, that post on Grand Funk Railroad was positive. How much more positive can I get than a photo of a bunch of naked dudes surrounded by American flags. And just take a gander at those sheep and cows crazing on the river. I thought that one was very peaceful and calming.

    But I know what you mean. I do tend to dwell on the negative. But you wait...this week I plan to post something very postive of an economic nature. About Flint! In fact I have two positive items coming up.

  3. if you want something positive about the local economy you should have visited a GM dealer last friday thru yesterday, monday.

    people were going absolutely crazy with excitement about GMs 72 months at 0%

    we actually sold out of some models and we sold some trucks as well. apparently flint's love affair with the automobile can be rekindled with the right inticement, like 0% for 72 months

    and we learned today that GM extended the sale thru july 7 so we should start seeing the frenzy again as soon as the word hits the street


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