Monday, July 14, 2008

Stewart R. Mott dies at 70

I'm way late on this...

Stewart R. Mott, the eccentric son of Charles Mott, died on June 13. In addition to supporting numerous progressive causes, Stewart was known for "cultivating a large garden atop his Manhattan penthouse, complete with 460 plant species (including 17 types of radishes) and a chicken coop," according to his New York Times obituary by Douglas Martin.

New York Times Video Obituary/Part 1

New York Times Video Obituary/Part 2


  1. Stewart Mott was a Good Man. he used the money daddy set Him up with not on obscene gaudy toys, but quietly helped the Poor. Planned Parenthood owes a lot to Him, among others. the new trend of urban gardening? He was doing it before it was cool....RIP Stewart.

  2. He's a great example of someone born with money using it to improve the country. Too bad more of today's ultra rich don't have the same ideals.


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