Tuesday, July 29, 2008

This invasion of privacy brought to you by...

Flint's only Portable Overt Digital Surveillance System (PODSS) is located near Cecil and Jewell Drives, but it's hoping to have some friends soon.

What's the best way for a Flint Expatriate to help the old hometown out? You could donate to a local charity. Or set up a scholarship so deserving kids could go to college.

Or, let's see, you could adopt a police surveillance camera.

The Associated Press reports: "The city and a private security firm, Asset Protection Specialist, are looking for businesses and individuals willing to pay $30,000 to have their names or corporate logos placed on one of the pole-mounted boxes, which also feature a police shield and a flashing blue light."

As of today, no one has jumped at this opportunity to make Flint a better place.

Thanks to Jim Holbel for passing this along.


  1. Michigan leads the country in the security industry. I saw on Common Dreams that 1 in 4 work in security now, excluding regular old po-lice. hell, deeee-vos is eric prince's bubba. and sweet little old barrett moore ,kinda from burt lake, wants to set up shop in Pellston w/a rich/whites only survivalist scheme. got enough money, noah's flood won't stop his brown-shirted bully boys from powerboating up to the old ancestral McMansion...ever have a coneydog reheated by taser??

  2. I heard this on NPR this morning. Again, another woefully embarrassing story about Flint.

  3. Okay, this is clearly a goofy idea born of desperation, but an even more bizarre occurrence will be if somebody does actually sponsor one of the cameras. Who are the potential sponsors for something this ridiculous?

    Dick Cheney
    Department of Homeland Security
    An optomotrist
    A church..."God is watching over you."

  4. The increased use of surveillance systems is bad enough, but this outright attempt at the McCCTVization of our society as a whole is just off the map. I'd be willing to bet that businesses can write the sponsoring off their taxes - now there's a fine way to shift the focus away from the real issue...

  5. I don't see the problem with these cameras; I've heard crime has slowed at that intersection. I'd love there to be one of these in my neighborhood, as it could curb what little crime we have. All of the cameras that are up in Flint Township were partially funded by area businesses, and I imagine those are effective as well.


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