Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Victors versus the Flintoids

UM-Flint students have voted on a possible nickname for the university. They've chosen the "Victors," rejecting both the "Flash" and the "Stones."

Wow, couldn't they just reject all three names. Please!

My top picks would be be the "Flintoids," of course, or the "Sit-Downers." Hell, the "Shop Rats" would be more appropriate than the "Victors," and it would have a lot more mascot potential.

Any other suggestions from readers?

UPDATE: A few reader suggestions:
  • Flint Folk
  • Rivetheads
  • Downtowners
  • Murder
  • Strikers


  1. How about the Flint Folk, or maybe even the Crackheads, or the WICs.

  2. How about 'the down towners'?

    FYI: About 20 years ago I was talking to an administrator in the University's medical school admissions dept. I asked if going to U of M Flint pulled any weight with med school admissions and he told me that they don't really consider UM Flint a part of 'the University of Michigan' system. I wonder if it has changed......

  3. Why not the Rivetheads?

  4. why not Flint Murder? they could call award ceremonies capitol punishment. any games they lose, they could say the warden made the phone call and their opponents were reprieved.My 2nd choice would be Shop Rats. I can see the mascot...


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