Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Yahoo answers the Flint question

What happens when "Camie" asks Yahoo Answers what neighborhood to choose when she and her boyfriend move to Flint?

It's not pretty, especially when people like "Angie S" from Grand Rapids start chiming in:

"I live in Michigan (GR) and have always heard that Flint has an EXTREMELY high crime rate... check it out. Compared to the National Average you are 3 times more likely to be murdered/raped in Flint than anywhere else!!!! Steer clear hun."

Ouch! Or should I say Ouch!!!!


  1. you are also more likely to die from a coconut falling on your head than dying in a plane accident

    grand rapids is nice but there are some extremely seedy parts of town as well...i remember being there for a fraternal convention and stopping at a gas station to get something and when i got back in the car i asked the other 3 guys if they noticed the drug deal going down right next to them in the parking lot...drug deal huh??

    it is a matter of where and who in flint....it seems that the murders are usually among acquaintances(sp)
    and the common thread seems to be drugs and usually crack

    so if you look hard enough you will find undesirable areas in most urban settings....i'm sure there are none in the wine and croissant burbs surrounding the city.....the murders don't seem to be random in our area...in other words people are not picked off for no apparent reason but rather murdered for some stupid reason that to the murderer seemed to be the right thing to do whether over a girlfriend or a $10 rock or a $3 bet

    i've lived here for more years than i wish to admit to and have not even come close to being murdered, yet...tongue in cheek

    you can't always choose where you live and work but you can choose who you associate with.

  2. Take it from an Flint expat who lives in GR...people here seem to judge Flint without ever having been there. My husband and I actually make a game out of how long it takes a new acquaintance to bash my hometown. It's almost humorous if it wasn't so irritating.

    And yes, GR has it's seediness too. It just has more money to hide it.

  3. I simply can't understand the foolish comments about Flint from people that obviously know not of it! Flint has wonderful luxury communities and just not in the outskirts of town!


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