Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Calling all Smurfs

Smurfs Inc., where are you?


  1. maybe the urban decay finally took its toll... or a higher calling, called a vacation? :)

  2. Aw shucks, somebody cares. You guys are so sweet. Y'know sometimes I feel like I'm slipping into an internet induced coma.

    Yes, I was waylaid by a higher calling, namely attempting to confuse, befuddle, and disgust the sub-humans over on Flint Town Talk.
    Participating in that forum is like shooting fish in a barrel... that is if the barrel is filled with DDT and the fish is a Kearsley Reservoir carp with a IQ far below that of the average carp. As for the gun with which I am figuratively shooting? Hmmm, I think I'll use ".44 Caliber Killer" Ronnie Johns' trusty revolver.

  3. Take cover Expats, a salvo of Smurfs is incoming.

    Interneting away another beautiful Saturday with Gordon and the gang... j'ever wish you could just get all of the Flint out of your system and get on with your life? Something tells me Battle Creek Expats and Saginaw Expats don't suffer the same affliction as we.

  4. battle creek, the whitest city in meeeesh-gan. they check in, but never check out. nice VA hospital though...

  5. Smurfs, you're back with a vengeance! Flint Town Talk is an honorable pursuit, but we did miss you.


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