Sunday, August 10, 2008

Flint Artifacts: Concordia 76 Soccer Patch


  1. I have my team photo of the first Concordia 76 soccer club, formed by Danny Paul and Hans Schicker in 1976. The Flint DANK branch formed the club and the German-Americans who sponsored us were quite a group. I played center defense on that club. I also still have my team duffel from that club.

    The patch you've displayed--for sale, by any chance?

  2. Finally, somebody comments on this! I played for Concordia in the late 70s. I think I stopped when I started playing high school soccer in 1981. I think Mr. Zender, a Welshman, was our coach in the beginning. Coover Chinois, Costa Popoff, Andy Zinn, Jeff Webb were all on the team. And I apologize for the spelling of all these names...aside from Jeff, they're probably all spelled wrong.

    We'd meet at the HoJo's on Miller to carpool to games in Detroit.

    Alas, the patch is not for sale. It's the only memento I have.

  3. Sakari Ruostesaari. Forward. 1982,January 16, 2011 at 10:19 AM

    A picture of 1982 team. Full of exellent players. And me :-)

    And by the way. I also happen to have that same patch. And my original shirt as well.

    Greetings from Finland

    Sakari Ruostesaari
    Selantie 4 b 2
    25500 Perniƶ


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