Saturday, August 23, 2008

Vernor's forever

Traci Vogel, an honorary Flint Expatriate, participating in the great tradition of girlfriends/wives/significant others being forced to pose for a photo in front of the Vernor's mural. This was on our visit to Flint two years ago. (Photo courtesy of Gordie Young)

Vernor's fanatics are gathering in Flint. Run!

Jill Blondin of The Flint Journal reports:

"In the shadow of a downtown mural that pays homage to the beverage, the Vernor's Collectors' Club converged on Flint Saturday to sell and swap collectibles, rub elbows with other Vernor's fans, and drink their favorite soda, famous for its highly carbonated fizz with a heavy kick of ginger.

"'I've been into Vernor's history for a long time,' said Keith Wunderlich, club president and author of Images of America; Vernor's Ginger Ale. 'We all enjoy the same obsession with Vernor's and it's just fun to get together.'

"Flint was a natural choice for the second annual convention of the Vernor's Club, because the downtown Halo Burger once was a Vernor's soda shop and retains some of its ginger ale history. Flint also is home to the only remaining Vernor's mural, next to Halo Burger on South Saginaw Street."


  1. I am only able to continue living in Georgia because Kroger's started stocking Vernors. Shelf space is reserved for 4-6 six packs. But, that works for me.

    Let it breathe or it'll make you sneeze!


  2. Vernors is good shki-ka. my saddle partner, a former Flintstone swears by it for all that "ales" ya. the mural is looking good again, glad it was redone. now to get someone on the GrandFunk Bridge. Don the Con did not endear himself to the Farner! Anyone remember the shoot out between the Outlaws and the Flying Wheels, back in '68 I think. Wasn't the clubhouse for the Wheels right near there?

  3. Hi ya!

    I was there at the Vernors club meetup and we had alot of fun there esp. when we had a group shot in front of the gnomes!
    Vernors Boston coolers were served as well as QP (kewpie)burgers! Thanks for posting this article!

  4. Maybe Don the Con will take Good King What's his name in for a float, olive burger. mebbe they should look into Vernor's for possible energy alternative? Bubbles gotta be goin' somewhere...oh yeah, rot all royals.


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