Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wish you were here

Two postcards from the 1988 "Greetings from Flint" series by Kenneth A. Hannon, sponsored by the Greater Flint Arts Council.


  1. Yeah, that was a great art project -- produced by KEVA Partnership, Ken Hannon and his then-partner Valerie Clarke. They sort of introduced irony to Flint promotions. Well, only a few people got it.

  2. I grew up in the same community as Ken. He took my very first publicity picture and I still have it! He was talented then and more talented now.

    Dave Barber
    Providence, RI

  3. I got one of these in the mail from a friend long after I'd left Flint. I liked it so much I framed it and it's on the wall in my house. It's traveled all over the country with me, hanging on the wall in every apartment I've had over the years. I always wondered if there were other shots besides these two.

  4. Hey Gordy, my name is Sue (Wylie) Barron. You probably don't remember me since I was the "Baby" of the family. I remember you, you were the cutie of the neighborhood. Thanks for writing that article about Cathy, we still live here and we are all doing great!!! My brother Mike is up for an Emmy this year for "Pushing Daisies" Art Direction. I will pass this website along to others. Keep up the great times!! Sue.

  5. Sue, of course I remember you. It's great to from you. My mom was just talking about your dad, Ben, who grew up on the same street as she did. And I think your grandma, who we called "Mom Wiley" used to baby sit me a long time ago.

  6. We're coming out of the woodwork...
    I think it is so cool that this is the place to hear from old comrads. I went to school with Jim Wylie (Jimmy as I remember). He was the class clown. I saw him in the late eighties as I was visiting the Ballenger St. pasty shop and he recognized me. I couldn't believe it because the last time I saw him was in sixth grade.
    Speaking of Greenway...I would like an update on the Turri family. I thought they were one of the nicest families in town and think of them often. We even drove by their house on our nostalgia tour in July.
    Do you think the general expat community gets tired of all of our Civic Park reminicing?



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