Friday, November 7, 2008

Autumn Leaves

Any expatriates out there missing Flint in the fall? Look no further than the Night Blind blog.


  1. Autumn in Civic Park takes me back to the mid 50's, before burning bans. Everyone raked their leaves out to the curb and set them on fire. Ah, what a great smell.

  2. We still get that smell in Flint when the arsonists hit the vacant houses. :)

    My favorite season is fall. That's what I missed the most when I lived in San Francisco.

  3. after leaving Flint when I was 16, and returning to Flint, after living in Leelanau County, I was very aware of the changes in seasons, and missed Sleeping Bear's expanses of fiery foliage in the Autumn. I'd get some pleasure looking out over the town from the top of the Genn. Towers. I didn't realize before I left how much greenery there was in Flint. where I live now, along the "Tunnel of Trees", on M-119 near Big Mack, with Lake Michigan running parallel to it, you can't help but be greatly appreciative of the Creator's gift to us.

  4. Didn't I read somewhere once long ago that Flint has an extraordinary number of trees?

    ha ha, Mary, good one. I remember intending to send you some autumn leaves from Michigan but they never dried as pretty as they were when I plucked them.


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