Sunday, November 30, 2008

Be Like Mike

Kevin Leffler's documentary, "Shooting Michael Moore," is finally being screened at a few commercial theaters, but he's still searching for a distributor. I don't think I'm spoiling the ending by revealing that Leffler dislikes Moore — I mean he really dislikes him. And, apparently, the infamous Rabbit Lady is no longer a fan of Mike either. Unfortunately, neither one is as funny or talented as the creator of "Roger & Me," and that translates into a less-than-compelling documentary. But I get the sense that if you hate Michael Moore, you'll love Leffler's work.


  1. It's nice to see the truth come out. Everyone knows Moore slices and dices for entertainment's sake, but I do feel he's taken advantage of people who aren't in on the "joke".

    Keep in mind, his film festival is in Traverse City... not Flint.

    As you can tell, am not a fan.

  2. That 6:51 trailer is the most pathetic hatchet job since Lizzie Borden's 40 whacks. Hope she has a few left for what's his face. The guy with a lady's voice. Calvin.

  3. yeah, and moore ain't too popular in TC anymore either. I've never liked the...fill in w/apropos least Tim Allen escorts ya off his lake himself. when moore came to Petoskey for a 'lecture', his security looked like a cheap knockoff of a Blackwater orgy.

  4. Well you know MM is a bit paranoid... do you remember when he held a vigil for John Lennon and claimed that his killer was a government hire? He claimed the same for Harry Chapin, or some other folk singer who supported the Flint Voice. I think it stems from when the FBI raided the Flint Voice offices in the 70s.


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