Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Flint Artifacts: Library Card


  1. Hey G

    I've got one question. Did you ever throw anything away? It seems your treasure trove of memorabilia
    is never ending....don't get me wrong, it's cool as hell....but where do you keep this stuff?


  2. I'm a very well-organized packrat when it comes to documents, I.D.s, and paper. Always have been. My mom also saved a lot of stuff and gave it to me. I've got a mini Flint archive in a filing cabinet. The odd thing is I'm really not a collector of anything. I travel very light and don't have bowling ball collection or anything like that. But for some reason I've kept all this Flint stuff. Maybe because it really fits into two small boxes. But even I'm getting to the bottom of the barrel on Flint items at this point.

  3. Gordon had to maintain his library car as his favorite line was, "Hey Mom, I'm going to the library." I always pretended I believed him as I remembered my teen years at the old Flint public library. Gordon's mom

  4. That's funny, I think I saw "On Golden Pond" about 8 times when I was a teenager... that is until my mom bought me a t-shirt that said "My Mom thinks I'm at the movies."


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