Thursday, November 6, 2008

Flint Postcards: Buick's Busy Acres


  1. I was just back in Flint last weekend and drove by one of the Buick/GM plants on VanSlyke Road- it's just so depressing to see the empty lot where a factory used to be.

  2. I imagine there will be quite a few more empty lots before the economic toilet finishes its swirling. All over the world. Might pay to learn how to make pemmican, tan hides, dig a workable cache, make cordage, etc. Like GY's new post on Japan's crunch, there's reports coming in from all over the world stating how many have been laid off w/no hope of returning soon, if at all. I would not want Obama's job, and do not envy Him at all. Ever do the Flint and steel routine? it might 'spark' new interest in all those carrying a 'torch' for the old ways...


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