Saturday, November 15, 2008

You think G.M.'s got problems...

The Flint Journal — like many newspapers across the country — appears to be in a death spiral. And is continuing to do an excellent job chronicling its demise with insider info and analysis. In other words, he's doing the kind of reporting that used to be done at daily papers.

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  1. guaranteed local coverage of news channels by directv-which is a falsehood, the buyouts of countless newspapers...this is being done for a reason.Websites like Common Dreams, the coalition that Michigan Messenger is a part of, are keeping the spirit of independent media alive.old Rupert should have his greencard revoked...just for plaguing us all w/shite like fox(ugh)news. You can edit or CENSOR the shite word if You want GY. I just hope a slight twinge of GUILT makes Ya toss and turn a couple extra times tonite.j/k!


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