Saturday, November 15, 2008

Zimmerman Panorama

Zimmerman School, in all its glory, courtesy of Jar With Most, who's been saving Flint on film since the seventies.


  1. I've taken a lot of looks at Jar's photos...very dynamic for stirring the pot o' memories they are. Places I'd forgotten or tried to, and places sometimes cherished for the Friends/Family that have gone on. Muy Muchismos Gracias, both of Ya's.

  2. Zimmerman was a quality junior high school.

    I credit the orientation of my speaking and organizational skills to Mrs.Karwarski,my English/Speech teacher, who forever inadvertantly pawed at her neck and the top of her left breast by reaching down her blouse with her long skinny fingers tipped with bright red fingernails as she sat at her big wodden desk and taught us all...

    Bernard Rosenberg;author/publisher

  3. Bernard, when were You there? I think it's a damn shame the place has been closed...

  4. For bustup...

    I came into Zimmerman grade 8 and grade 9, so that would be 1962-63.

    Corunna Rd. was one of my favorite haunts, and my family sold produce to just about every restaurant and mom and pop grocery down the entire strip. I was in and out of all of them during deliveries and collections.

    JFK was assinated during my civics class; it came in via transistor radio in Pinkham's class and the other big blonde teacher down the hall walked in and wrote, "Pres. Shot!" on the blackboard and then walked out.

    I hung with Rocky Rhodes, Skip Malin, David Drewer, Chuck Dean, and other assorted Flint wiseguys...

  5. wow, my memories are a blend of good and bad with a bit of unusual thrown in for good measure.

    i was there 74-76....for starters in 74 there were guys who had been there long enough that they were legally driving to jr. high

    we had at least two married couples Mr&Mrs Karwoski and Mr&Mrs Schwitala...a former Detroit Tiger Pitcher, Mr. Reed....Mrs Siegel who would polish her glass eye in class...i never saw it though no pun intended.....we had some very good teachers for the most part

    one of the most amazing parts was the new had a poured rubber floor...quite a scientific break thru at the time

    i could go on and on with zimmerman stories, oh yeah how about the head shop which was right across the street of the east entrance probably 50ft from the door of the school.....i don't want to ramble but i could fill a book from my 3 long years there

  6. old home week B.! You attended with my older Sister Cheryl, and Rocky,(from the 'tother'side of Miller Rd.), Chuck, are very familiar names! I was still at Cummings when JFK was murdered, a day I'll never forget. Con Permisso I'll send Your name on to my Sis in Portland. I'm sure it'll be a pleasant jar of memories opened for Her also. Maybe a sub-blog to this could be a "do ya know where so&so is"? Thanks Mon!

  7. Bernard can be reached at

    My URL's are:

    I retired from 37 years in public education in May of 2008. I'm faithful in correspondence if you want your memory jogged!

  8. Congratulations on Your Retirement! Well Earned, I'm sure! Married to a Spec. Ed. Teacher myself, know the life all too well. and the hours...
    Sis will be very happy to get in touch, soon as possible. She's recovering right now from recv'. 3.7million stem cells,platelets, red-this, white-that from her younger, more notorious brother. When She's not fighting the Good Fight, She's a racecar driver, and sometime turn judge. many Thanks Bernard!

  9. I'm struck by the similarity in architecture to Longfellow where I was in 8th grade math when I heard the news of the JFK shooting. Longfellow was my school K through 8. I remember playing volleyball and dodgeball in this ultra dinky elementary gym-room with about 15 kids on a side - pure pandemonium. Mr. MacDonald was the teacher.

  10. wow what memories those pics brought cousins and i kept the streets around there hot back in the day.pattersons made the best burger.i lived on west court st. as well as brown.harper and jefferies gave me all the reading talent.jackson 5 was all the rave and vechels bar was across the st. from my house.i was at eisenhower when jfk bought it.


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