Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bailout Bill Stalls in Senate

Many of the Republican senators who gave Wall Street a $700 billion handout with no strings attached are refusing to vote for a $14 billion bridge loan for the Big Three, despite almost total government oversight of the money. The so-called bailout bill appears to be dead in the water.


  1. Ok, it's one thing to argue the point using one's actual NAME and standing by what one has to say. It's quite another to lob an anonymous bomb into the air. Shame on you.

  2. So why should Wall Street get a bail out and not GM? These people working for the Big Three - a lot of them - are actually working for their take-home pay, getting their hands dirty, coming home with an aching back, etc. Not sitting in some climate-controlled office playing Monopoly with other people's money. I just glanced over your blog, and while you state your conclusions clearly, you might want to try taking a look at current events from a point of view other than the white-collar straitlaced Republican one. Believe it or not, walking in someone else's shoes can be educational.


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