Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Dereliction of Duty

Just got back from a trip to Hawaii — where wild roosters run free on the streets and I realized it's been so long since I had a tan that I'm officially fishy grey, not white. Not a pretty sight. I returned in time for the festive sound of gunshots that mark New Year's Eve in San Francisco. Sort of reminds me of home. My computer died on the trip, so I apologize for all the great comments that didn't get posted until now.

Happy New Year!


  1. I think it's always good when computers die on vacations. :) Hope you had fun!

  2. Hey...Does anyone know anything about a guy named John Katarsky? He was kind of a hippie lawyer (supposedly) who left the profession. When I met him he had a roller skating rental kiosk in downtown Flint. When you rented skates from him he also offered you a glass of wine (whatever). He was quite excentric and he rode around town on a horse and wore a mexican poncho and a mexican looking hemp woven hat. NO...I am not dropping acid!He's a real guy! Martha

    1. Lol i dont know about him giving anyone a glass of wine but my mom dated him and as a child i would wear a sign that was kind of heavy and roller staked down the street to the u of m and teach myself tricks.i remeber that building back then very clearly at the top it looked like something from an urban explorer video. He was a nice guy tho. I use to ride with him on the back of his horse

  3. haa-haa-wi-ee! too much fun! good for You GY. I made due with a couple 4 or 5 coney dogs w/chili sauce from Flint. not as good as a trip to Paradise, but it was gastronomically enjoyable! alas, there was no KEWPIES olive burger to go with the kogels, can't have it all. ThankYou, b-u-r-p, Megan. Daddy Loves You.

  4. Welcome back, Mr. Young!

    My family and I flew from Atlanta to Flint yesterday (I'm so thankful for Bishop International), and made our way over to Port Huron to attend a wedding reception tonight for our youngest son, who got married in Vegas last weekend. It's nice they got 60+ degrees and some rain last week that washed away much of the 15 inches of snow.

    Yeah! :^)

    If it weren't for the snow, and lack of jobs, and short summers, and a struggling economy, and crime problem, Michigan--even Flint--would be the perfect place to live.

    I ate a Haloburger beefy double with bacon and cheese last night and washed it all down with a Boston Cooler. I thought of y'all. Wow, that cooler was good--even though it's freezing up here. I mean, it was REALLY GOOD!!!

    Oh, and I'm planning on grabbing a Koegel's Vienna or two at the airport before we fly back home next Tuesday. (Looks like a side-trip to Frankenmuth will have to wait until our next trip--and that stop at Walli's for some fish and chips, too!)

    "Flint--it's all about the food!"--or so it seems.

  5. a double w/bacon, cheese...didn't know KEWPIES made them. does sound good though. I hope TSA lets You slide through with the weinies,i thought they were gonna eat me after they found out one piece of my i.d. was invalid. But, after going all they way to Buicktown and not stopping at Walli's, and Rugero's and NOT stopping, well, ye reap as ye sow. Did you at least stop at one of the numerous and infamous Watering Holes that most of us are trying to remember and/or live down incidents at?


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