Friday, December 19, 2008

Flint School Closings

Flint's declining population and budget woes are causing some agonizing decisions about school closings. The facilities committee of the Board of Education has come up with various scenarios to ultimately shutter 12-14 schools.

None of this is set in stone, but in all three scenarios the committee recommended closing these elementary schools: Anderson, Coolidge, Freeman, Garfield, Merrill, Pierce, Summerfield and Wilkins.


  1. GISD would be better served,(not to mention the students and faculty), if half the administrators were laid off! 9.4million$a year for salaries?! way outta line! that money would go a very long way in the classrooms!

  2. Summerfield, Anderson, Merrill, and Coolidge? That leaves a huge gap on the westside. Whats left? Civic Park, DTM, Eisenhower, and Cummings? Selby and Peirson are long gone, so I guess Bryant and Brownell are it for the NW side. Just not enough kids I guess.

    Maybe they shoulda followed through with ex-Supt. Felix Chow's idea to bury the children of Flint in three underground "super- schools"... not making this one up. 5000 students in each was the plan if I recall. Anbody remember this scheme?

  3. WTF?! bury them? metaphorically right? I hadn't heard about that. What was the premise? saving them, preparing them, kinda like something Dr. Strangelove would do? when did that transpire? I know that Cummings has been closed, and Eisenhower was s'pposed to be next...


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