Sunday, December 7, 2008

Layed Off But Not Leaving

There's a sit-down strike, of sorts, taking place in Chicago, except this time the workers have already lost their jobs.

Monica Davey of The New York Times reports:
"Scores of workers laid off from a factory here that makes windows and doors have refused to leave, deciding to stage a “peaceful occupation” of the plant around the clock this weekend as they demand pay they say is owed them.

"Workers at Republic Windows and Doors, which laid off about 250 people, said they were notified Tuesday that the plant, more than four decades old, would close Friday. They said they were given insufficient notice and were never paid for vacation days or severance.

"The workers, many of whom were sitting on fold-up chairs on the factory floor Saturday afternoon, said they would not leave.

"'They’re staying because the fact is that these workers feel they have nothing to lose at this point,' said Leah Fried, an organizer for the United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America Local 1110, who said groups of 30 were occupying the plant in shifts. 'Telling them they have three days before they are out on the street, penniless, is outrageous.'"

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  1. They're using our Sit-Down Strikers as Their role model, and their Battle cry is "You were bailed out-We were sold out! More Power to Them, and hope the bastard pinkertons stay outta it. We all know what happens when they're called, especially in Chicago. Remember Frank Little!


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