Friday, December 12, 2008

Settling Scores

Care to take a peek at the Senate Republicans' internal strategy memo? It seems dealing a blow to organized labor was a bigger concern than dealing with the economic crisis when it came to loaning money to the Big Three.


  1. And on Thursday night -- Senator John McCain was a guest on David Letterman's show and I noticed that he followed those talking points right to the letter when talking to Dave about the auto industry. Now that's what I call being a maverick! But then again -- it was his campaign that pulled out of Michigan -- we should have expected "the Maverick" to tell Detroit's autoworkers to go to hell.

  2. This is a new civil war, only it's economic warfare this time. What those fools don't realize is that a GM collapse would pull down suppliers of the foreign car factories in their home states. This is insane brinksmanship. We're talking about loan guarantees amounting to a month and a half of the cost of occupying Iraq.

  3. That is perfect. We always knew that was exactly what the republicans were up to but some written proof is always nice. Do you suppose they would be interested in slashing their pay next week - because the Japanesse gov't gets paid less.
    I know you're not a big fan but Mitch Albom's column today will get you fired up.


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