Monday, February 9, 2009

The Don Williamson Hall of Fame

With the resignation of Mayor Don Williamson, let's take a look back at some of his major accomplishments over the past few years:

• The Don rewards success at Kearsley Park by canning Kay Kelly
and saying goodbye to a Ruth Mott Foundation grant.

• The Don gets city workers to mow his lawn.

• The Don uses city money to create a drag strip, despite the obvious liability issues that could cost Flint a bundle.

• The Don fires a cop who dares talk to the media. Then changes his mind.

• The Don gives the state and federal government economic advice.

• The Don arrests a paper boy for delivering bad news. Lawsuit follows.

Of course, this is just a partial list. For more good deeds by The Don, check out the Williamson Watch.


  1. long-time lurker, first time poster... LMAO at this post

  2. Horrible mayor and even a worse person. Yet, Flint voted this clown in twice. It is hard to feel sorry for Flint when the public is so stupid.

  3. I can't tell you the sense of relief everybody I know is feeling tonight. When the news broke at my office at about 2 p.m. it went up and down the hallway like a wave -- "Phew!" "Finally!" etc. And even my students were buzzing about it -- this is a year where people have really gotten involved. It's gonna take awhile to sort things out, but this is a hopeful night for old Flint town.

  4. if matt damon had a dorian gray portrait, it'd look like the donster.and once again I ask, are Diebold machines used in Flint's elections?

  5. You people wanted the Don out and you people got it. How has it worked out for Flint the last several years?

  6. Well, let's be honest here; Flint's budget surplus dried up during Don Williamson's administration. We're still paying out lawsuits that were filed when he was in office, thanks to his poor decision making. I think it's worked out great for Flint that he's out of office. No one knows how many more terrible ideas he would have had if he were still in charge.


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