Thursday, February 26, 2009

Michael Brown: Mayor of Flint (Temporarily)

With all the excitement of The Don quitting and then demanding back pay, I forgot to mention that Flint has a new mayor — Michael Brown.


  1. Michael Brown is a qualified and honorable man. I have known his family for many years and lived near them in the East Village. He is a solid choice to have at the helm.

    PS...Flint Central! yeah! :-)

  2. He probably is a decent guy but this quote from the Journal had me worried.

    "I plan to tap into some real good thinkers in the community and have them work with me," said Brown, a vice president at the Genesee Regional Chamber of Commerce.

    I'm sure he is a smart guy and it sucks to have people parsing your every sentence... its just the whole "real good thinkers" thing... y'know?

  3. Actually, no, I do not know what you mean. Frankly, working with bright people in the community seems the only sensible way to make progress. What is your qualm with the sentence anyway? A lack of sophistication? Seems a bit cynical.

  4. He has his hands full, regardless, with the mess that the donster left him. From a surplus of cash to a deficit of +14 million$'s. Would not want to be in his shoes...

  5. Hey Gordo,

    You may or may not recall, that Mike and Linda Brown (and their then, I think, 4 kids) lived on Greenway next to us (In the szeiszka's old house) for a few years. So Civic Park!!! double hell yeah!

  6. My mom was visiting me last week, and reminded me of something. When I was a kid, I went to the "Momma's and Poppa's Day Care" run by Mike and Linda Brown along with another couple.


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