Sunday, February 22, 2009

Millionaire Former Mayor Asks for Back Pay

It seemed so simple. The Don resigns to avoid getting thrown out of office in a recall election. End of story, right? You just had to know it wouldn't be that easy.

Joe Lawlor of The Flint Journal reports:

"Former Mayor Don Williamson worked for $1 per year for the entire time he was in office. Now that he has resigned, he wants about $500,000 in back pay, in addition to the $115,000 he already received in retirement money.

"When asked by The Flint Journal whether critics would view him as being hypocritical, the former mayor said he didn't care.

"'I don't give a (expletive) what they think,' said Williamson, who resigned effective Feb. 15."


  1. Who is going to write the Donald "Buck" Williamson story? I’m looking at you Gordo. Seriously, this one has bestseller written all over it. So strange it's gotta be true. The level of absurdity is off the charts. Don's appeal is universal. Do it.

  2. Only if I get to spend loads of time with Don doing research. Maybe we could hit some Flint bars together.

  3. This ex-mayor could never go quietly. The astonishing thing is that Flint elected him not once, but twice. He plans on resting up and then running for governor in 2010. I hope Flint voters remember this latest audacity. As an area resident, I'll never forget!

  4. Gee, and I thought Don was working for his dollar out of sheer dedication to our fine city and the principles of democracy. You mean all this time it was really about position and publicity?

  5. He is just the areas biggest asshat. Maybe he needs the money for a new state of the art VIN numbering machine.

  6. to tell the truth, I was waiting for something like this to happen. what a hoser. Gordy, we'd have to isolate You for a month, after having been in contact with that walking social disease. and if You hit the clubs w/the donster, You'd more than likely have to pick up the bar tabs. that is, unless don could figure out a way to scam the expense account, and that would be my bet. this story would be more at home in a crooked parish in New 'Leans or the like. or 19th century Tammany...the don ain't no where near finished yet.


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