Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Flint Artifacts: Michigan State Bird T-Shirt


  1. The skeeters have been around here in Narlins since February! Not only that, but I saw a grasshopper today? This is'nt August is it?

    I feel like I'm getting a reprieve from the gray-brown-wet March by being down here. We have all the song birds that the people in Flint are anticipating.
    Armadillos are harmless. They run like a white guy at a Lipponcott and Term Street party store.

  2. If you're buying double deuces at 10-11 / Amir's you better be prepared to run if you're white or black or an Aborigine or whatever. That's right down the street from Little Beirut. West Nile Virus or not, mosquitoes are the least of your worries thereabouts.

  3. You're right Warlord. I apologize for entering the "white guy" comment.

    Please interpose my "white guy" comment with "sane guy that would never enter an establishment with bullet proof glass seperating the customer and a proprieter".

    That being said, I'm a Flint-toid from the east side and seeing an armadillo kind of freaked me out. Rats, cool. Racoons in the garbage can, cool. Squirrels galore...I'm used to all of that.

    BTW...in a few days expect an article in the Journal this week featuring a comment from Genesee County drain commissioner Jeffery Wright on why raw sewage oozing into the Flint River was an act of God. What's worse? Sewage or the sludge created by years of G.M.'s polluting our city?

    Hepatitis or cancer. It's a tough call.

    I discovered that I have a new room mate. I'm not even going to try to spell "chameleon lizard". What a culture shock this is!

  4. I would like to buy a blue tee shirt with Michigan state bird on it and a picture of the mosquito in the center.

  5. Here's where you get one:



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