Thursday, March 26, 2009

Flint Photos: Flint Swim & Racquet Club

More great shots from the Mary Fisher Collection. These photos of the Flint Swim & Racquet Club, 1126 N. Elms Rd., in Flint Township have a fifties feel but were taken in 1967, shortly after FSRC opened. Go here for a compendium of other Mary Fisher photographs. (Click on photos to enlarge.)


  1. That was a great club. I spent my summers there. I have heard it's a bit run-down now. Maybe Power's would be interested. ;) Sorry I had to get a Power's joke in there since it's been so prevalent lately. :)

  2. Yes, Powers would finally have their own pool.

  3. Gordon-
    Thanks for these pics.
    In particular, the first FSRC pic shows four girls standing at the edge of the 'deep end' of that famous 'Z-shaped' pool. To their left is a little kid, say 6-which could be me. I cannot tell from the photo, but the setting, the time, the flood of memories from these pictures put me there, at the edge of that pool.

    Thanks for posting this. I'm now no longer a lurker, but a full-on contributor.

  4. sgcole, let's just assume it's you. I was hoping someone would spot themselves in these photos. Mary Fisher's shots of Flint are really evocative.


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