Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Going Out of Business

Anyone looking for a blog that chronicles every business that shuts down in Saginaw? Yes, you say? Well look no further than Saginaw for Sale. It's pretty brutal. When Burger King franchises start going belly up, you know things are bad.


  1. Now, that's one really depressing blog. :^(

  2. Yeah, I doubt it gets many repeat visitors... :s

  3. I think it's pretty safe to say, the next time someone gets on you about reporting less than desirable news about Flint, you can now respond with "well, I could be much more dreary...."

    That blog is about as depressing as them come - unless you are into cheap real estate.

  4. Some dumb magazine ranked Saginaw as the #2 "up and coming" city with a population under 250,000 in the entire U.$. o' A a few years back. All hopes seemed to hinge on some high tech bioengineering scheme that never reached fruition.
    Much love and big ups to our allies up north. Ain't gonna lie to you, things aren't gonna improve anytime soon. It may be cold comfort, but you're much better off than Gary, Indiana. Besides, Bay City is only a few miles and world away.


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