Tuesday, March 24, 2009

High School Roulette

But wait...Powers Catholic isn't giving up on getting its hands on a Flint public high school. Southwestern wasn't for sale, but Powers says Central High will do just fine.


  1. Powers seems desperate for anything now...Flint Central High School??? Channel 12 News reports that it will take $27 million alone to upgrade the building. What the hell is Powers thinking?

    I challenge someone from the LMP Board of Education or its administration to give an answer here on this forum.

  2. Random rumor I heard at the St. Patricks Day party is that the Mott Foundation offered Flint Schools money to help fix up Central. Perhaps they will offer the same to Powers. It is a beautiful building and worth saving. Other cities save thier old schools. Flint seems to let them fall into disrepair and then say they are too expensive to keep up.

  3. What's next? Powers offers to buy the Durrant hotel? The closed KMart on Pierson Rd?

  4. Holy Redeemer is looking better and better!


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