Friday, March 13, 2009

Mayor Gets Vague about Flint High Schools

Wurstside Warlord just alerted me to a post on K-12 Corner, Flint Journal education reporter Kristen Longley's new blog, that has some interesting info if you're trying to read the tea leaves and figure out the fate of Central, Southewestern and Powers High Schools. A few highlights:

1. Temporary Mayor Mike Brown says he wants Powers to stay in Flint. (Even though, as Wurstside points out, it's not actually in the city limits now. I say if the location is accessible by the Dupont Street bus, it's within the spirit of the Flint city limits. But technically it's in Mt. Morris Township, even though it has a Flint mailing address. Whew!)

2. Even though Brown wants Powers to stay, he's not sure Southwestern is the right spot for it.

3. Brown says he won't try to influence schools Superindentant Linda Thompson, even though he meets with her weekly.

4. Brown attended St. Michael's, but all five of his kids went to Central.

5. None of Brown's kids went to Southwestern.

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  1. I know, I know, I'm just being a ninny. Powers is in Beecher which is alot more "Flint" than much of Flint proper. Brownie is doing a heckuva job. A job most sane individuals wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole... and before you Brown backers get all up in arms no, I don't think the temp mayor is crazy. Maybe just temporarily insane. Hyuck hyuck hyuck. Props and big ups to the guy for trying to clean up after Ex-Con Don.

    I just dunno what qualifies as keeping Powers in Flint. Does Holy Redeemer count? Its close. And if not SWA, what other options are there? Central? MSD? Choice (hahaha)? One of the old Junior Highs? Whittier? McKinley? Longfellow? A new building? Perhaps on the Chevy in the Hole site? Fisher/GLTC? AC? Maybe near the Cult Center/Mott/Old St. Joes?

    Word around town is that Brown is close (too close?) to Rowe/Uptown/Downtown "Developers". Tear down the Urinal and build Powers II on Harrison? Maybe Genesee Towers or one of the numerous vacant parking lots. A little demolition could create a lot of space. Promixity to UMF, the CC, and two Catholic Churches might be a draw. I'm sure Powers would get a sweet deal. Just wondering if a Flint address will do much to improve wealthy, white south county enrollment.

    Well, anyhoo, most of the above is just crazy blog gabbin'. Take it with a grain of salt and an ice cold Strohs.


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