Monday, March 9, 2009

A Thankless Job

The campaigning has already started to replace former Mayor Don Williamson, and it's a crowded field.


  1. How many are crackpots? I count two... none of whom however can hold a candle to the over the top nuttiest of Ex-Con Don.
    Rest assured, the most qualified will lose. Expect a semi-competent schlub who'll plug a couple of holes while the Good Ship Lollipop continues to spring dozens of leaks.

  2. well, maybe the donfather will be undone by his grabbing that 150,000$ that he said he'd never take. and I'm sure that there'll be more questions on money in the next few months...maybe in front of a grand jury?

  3. I urge all of you out there to do you investigation of Dayne Walling. Please support this candidate.

  4. Dayne's alright with his Rhodes Scholarship, DC experience, diplomatic demeanor, national political connections, ascot and monocle but what Flint really needs in a mayor is a regular guy who served time or is a barber or a shop rat or an NRA member... or better yet, a lifelong resident of Halls Flats who mainlines coney sauce and makes his own venison jerky. That guy has my vote because he "understands" Flint.


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