Monday, March 9, 2009

When God Calls the Plays

Kurt Warner in one of his humbler moments. Or perhaps he's envisioning what the rush would have been like with the 49ers porous offensive line. (Illustration by Janine Kahn at SF Weekly)

At St. Mary's, the basketball players had a pre-game ritual; the coach would yell "Holy Mary mother of god!" and we'd shout back "Pray for us!" We also paid a visit to the grotto before every football game. Sure, we were calling on a higher power for a little help, but we never claimed to actually talk to god like Cardinals QB Kurt Warner.


  1. well hellsbells! somebody's gotta be God's Gift to mankind, don't they?! was the caption in the SF "pull my finger"?

  2. American Family InsuranceMarch 12, 2009 at 4:43 PM

    I know it's great art and all, but that penis is absurd in it's size... or lack thereof. Maybe they were more enlightened in that day and age. Size doesn't matter, right. Well, its 2009 now. Size does matter. I'm not a football fan, but a little photoshopping could help poor Kurt out.

  3. I vote for a tasteful loincloth. Or, in this case, a casually draped locker room towel.

    I just realized this is the first full-frontal nudity on Flint Expatriates. Standards are really slipping.

  4. well, if God's Gift was around these parts, it'd be lookin' like a little blue acorn. I always op for a figleaf...


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