Thursday, April 16, 2009

Animal Kingdom

Without even realizing it, Flint Expatriates has suddenly turned into the Nature Channel.

We've got retired race horses, cats, smelt, tigers, carp, birds, dogs and white stallions.


  1. American Family InsuranceApril 16, 2009 at 3:25 PM

    Don't forget the rats, dogs (wild), bears (one became roadkill on I-75 at Flushing Rd. a few years back), mutant woodchucks (technically in Burton), black squirrels (Pierson St.), bunnies, Top Dawgs, Bulldogs (CoHL), 'coons, opossums, zombies (VoW), Peregine Falcon (wasn't there one perched on the Mott Building?), and the occasional disoriented deer.

  2. What Flint native can forget those poor deer that lived fenced into the factory grounds south of town?

    When I was young I loved to drive by there and see if I could spot any of them from the road. But a true Flint coming of age was your first realization of the horrible WildKingdom-meets-industrialwasteland life they lived.


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