Monday, June 29, 2009

Goodbye, Central High: Class of 1965 and 1968

One in a series of videos shot at the Flint Central High School farewell gathering on June 12, 2009.


  1. Yo, Dexter -- my older sis is FHS '65 and you had a couple of dates with her. Also believe you lived in our hood a street or so away.

    In the video, you brought up football -- older bro was your teammate -- and opened some old wounds so let me temper your fond memories of high school sports and divest myself of an old grudge.

    In your junior year, you guys beat BC Central in the proverbial "Game of the Century" then followed that up with a loss at lowly Arthur Hill and a season ending defeat to Northern on Turkey Day. Given the talent on that '63 team -- Laster, Walter, Eufinger, Hoey, Bivins, Summers, Pierson -- the losses were even more ignominous.

    The security guards at Central's doorways should have detained you for questioning and arrest during the recent gathering.

    (Just kidding -- best wishes. You've aged well, dude. A little less hair, perhaps, but the same bright smile.)

  2. Meant to say "...sis is CHS '65..."

    And same comments about the '63 football season apply to Dennis Jackson in video below.


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