Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Goodbye, Central High: Farewell Gathering

A collection of photos taken at Flint Central High School's farewell gathering
on June 12, 2009.


  1. In the early days of Central, it was a grand and glorious building. In the last 15 years, Central High School was a real dump; abused and tortured by its inhabitants. It's so sad another cornerstone in Flint is a lost memory.

  2. I too am especially sad about Central closing. I only went there for 11th grade, but it was 1981 and we were Class A state basketball champs that year so it was an especially good time to be an Indian. Sat in History class with Mark Harris and Eric Turner, while over at Whittier, Jim Abbott was my brother's science lab partner......

    I used to live two blocks from Central (on Thomson St) and walked there every day for 11th grade. I recognize the old left/right hand drinking fountain (we could never figure out who designed that one, but it led to many boyfriend/girlfriend simultaneous drinking events.....) and the picture with the lockers probably has my old locker in it, as I was in Room 109 for homeroom.

    Finally, I'm not sure but that old wood cabinet is from one of the Chemistry Labs and it brought back a lot of good memories of the teachers I had at Central. So here's to Mr. Foos, Mr Eufinger, Mrs. Calkins, Mr. Benish, and Ms. Epps and for all the things they taught me at Central.

    Anf finally, if they do tear Central down, will somebody please save me a brick......

  3. I get sad every time I think about never walking the halls again... For soooo many years following my '94 graduation, I would "drop" in and visit old teachers and just remember all the good times our class had :)And today? I drive by and my heart breaks.. for all the students who never got to witness a Mr. Ramsdell performance or experience a cat dissection with Mr. Holec.. or try to attempt going from a class down in the basement to a class on the third floor in the what? 5 min we were given... sooo many wonderful memories and sooo many lifelong friends... I wil never forget FLint Central High School and I will forever be an INDIAN!!! ♥


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