Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Great Divide

Mack Avenue divides Grosse Pointe Park from the City of Detroit. Walk on one side of the street and you're in Motown; walk on other side and you're not. It's just a few lanes of traffic but it's worlds apart, as they say. Here are two shots near the intersection of Mack and Lakepointe. Can you tell which side is which?


  1. Hey Gordo...There is a place in Flint that I went to one night with this loser, oh...I mean guy, that I went out with for a short time. This was a hang out den for the Hells Angels. It was an old building with an actual rifle slots in the front door. The windows were covered and also had rifle slots. Inside the place was a bar/pool room. It was a really filthy haunt, very much like something out of the movies. I don't remember what street it was on but, maybe some of your loyal bloggers do.

  2. There used to be one like that just off Saginaw Street a block or two north of the Road Commission offices.

    Unfortunately, I can't remember the name of the street, but you could see the house from Saginaw (it was on the south side of the side street).

    I covered a shooting there while I was a reporter for the Flint Journal.


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