Friday, July 17, 2009

Flint's Unemployment Rate

Flint's official unemployment rate?

27.3 %.

And keep in mind the real unemployment rate is much higher because you aren't counted as out of work if you've been looking too long or have simply given up.

It's bad enough for Journal columnist Andy Heller to suggest that Michigan be declared a Federal economic disaster zone.


  1. so wait... help me out here... how many people is that? will they be hired to help shrink the city and beautify the community?

  2. It's about 14,700 people.

    And I've wondered why Flint didn't get stimulus money to tear down houses. The work could start immediately. The houses are already identified and owned by the Land Bank. There's a mechanism in place to make it happen. It would have an immediate impact on the community and the national economy.

  3. Now Gordie, that would make sense and we would all see the results. Instead we will use this money to line our roads with more orange barrels to support that struggling industry.

  4. Actually, they did get the money.

  5. I don't believe the unemployment rate in New Orleans ever reached 27% post hurricane (of the residents that stayed in the city).

    There is no reason to believe that the rate will not decline anytime soon. Sad.

  6. Genesee County's unemployment rate hits 17.4 percent in June; City of Flint unemployment rate at 28.6 percent

    Do I hear 30% by August?


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