Monday, August 17, 2009

The Detroit Lions: Shimmering Silver Glitter

Hey, the Detroit Lions have a new logo, which looks more like a wolf or a San Jose SabreCat than a Lion to me. (For the record, I've worked in San Jose and I can safely say that no matter how bad things get in Motown, it will never be as bad as San Jose.) The new proprietary font is cleverly called “NFL Lions” and, as you can see above, it is one ugly ass font. In fact, that font is far more offensive to me than last year's 0-16 season.

Now it's easy to poke fun at the Lions, like the folks at Real Clear Sports did with their suggestion that the team adopt a new Cowardly Lion logo.

But I'm trying to be constructive when I suggest that the Lions should take the opportunity to connect with Detroit history (Stroh's Brewery) and a favorite pastime of seemingly all Michiganders (drinking beer) and simply adopt the Stroh's Beer lion as their official mascot. As you can see below, the Stroh's lion has a cool crown and what appears to be either a pair of nunchucks or two lead pipes, which the Detroit football team can obviously use. Granted, later versions of the Stroh's lion indicate he traded in the weapons for a college diploma and some sort of butter-churn implement, but let's ignore that.

Of course, even if you don't like the new redesign, it can't be as bad as the 1980-81 upgrade: "The Lions changed the dull silver stripes and trim on their uniforms to a shimmering silver glitter. This only lasted two seasons because of complaints by other teams about the glare."


  1. Shuffling the deck chairs on the Titanic.

  2. Well put, Sable Pelt.

    I think my standard will be thus:

    When they make the playoffs again, be ir this season or in 2017, I'll pay attention. But I'm not wasting my time watching another "good foundation" implode. I've seen this movie before.

    And the new logo is awful. They might as well have done nothing.

  3. And how exactly did Detroit end up with "Honolulu Blue" as their official color?

  4. Don't mock the 2008 PreSeason Champs!

  5. I would have to say it's a slight improvement over the old logo - nothing completely new though. They cannot sway completely from the branding over the past several years or they will lose their identity. I bet many that see the new logo won't even notice a difference - especially those that have seen it but don't keep up on sports.

  6. But that font, Shane! That font! No one can not notice that!


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