Thursday, October 1, 2009

Tigers Close In on Division Title

The Tigers can clinch their first division title in 22 years today. Go here for the Detroit Free Press live blog of the game against the Twins, which is getting started right about now.

UPDATE: Tigers lose 8-3. Detroit still has a two-game lead with three games left.

UPDATE: 4-1 Twins in the 5th.

UPDATE: Not good...Tigers down 3-1 in top of 4th. Twins have two on with no out.


  1. It aint over till the fat lady sings. unclebuck

  2. And, in the entertainment department, Mr. Grumpy managed (heh) to get himself tossed today along with his pitcher and catcher.

    Little plunking going on out there ...

  3. I went to the game on Wednesday and it was amazing. Then I went again on Thursday it was a whole different kind of amazing.

  4. As of 4:40PM CST 10/3/09 (NarlinsTime), it's still scary. It reminds me of the last time Detroit was vs. the Twins in 1987.

    That time I had to leave Flint to go to College in North Dakota and listened on a walkman during seminars. Everyone else was a Twins honk.

    Thank you Louisiana for not having a baseball team.

  5. Today could be the day. Then there's Maxwell Smart - "Missed it by that much". Keep your fingers crossed....unclebuck


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