Friday, January 15, 2010

American Idol's General Larry Platt Supports Flint's Baggy Pants Ban

It appears Flint's infamous baggy pants ordinance has a new advocate from American Idol by the name of General Larry Platt.


  1. Why do people 30 years older than I am seem to have more energy than I do?

  2. Larry seems like a man on a mission, Sable Pelt, and that tends to give you a lot of energy.

  3. They should have wavered the age limit. The man has a hit.

  4. Seems like this ordinance could be quite a way to raise some seriously needed funding for the City of Flint. While I was visiting Flint in August, which won't happen again any time soon, I was amazed by the amount of Fruit of the Loom's that I saw. And not all of them clean either. Round these people up, collect the fine's and BAM!! There you go!! Most of the city would be fined and if at least 1/3 of that was collected, maybe there could be more police/fire people hired.

    Come on people!! My boyfriend wears his pants sagging, but not even close to the warning sag in the diagram above. Have you people no self respect?? They are called "UNDERWEAR" for a reason. They are UNDER what you are wearing on the outside. Not visible....UNDER!!!

    People say that this is "hip hop" style. Well, please tell me why when I see the hip hop/rap artists on television and what not, I don't see their undies!!!

    A recent conversation among a group of people here in North Carolina about this very subject yielded that most people feel that the those wearing their underwear as their most important piece of clothing on the bottom 1/2 of their body are the most fun to watch. Maybe it's purely an entertainment factor. They have to walk with their legs spread so far apart, you realize when they put their feet together they are actually 6' tall when you thought they were only 5' tall.

    Then there are the folks that have to hold their pants up. Really??!! Are you really too cheap to buy a belt???? And please, just go ahead and try to run. I want to watch that.


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