Thursday, February 4, 2010

Powers Catholic Closes in on Grand Blanc Location

As Flint Expatriates reported* back in September, Powers seems poised to relocate to Grand Blanc.

Ron Fonger of The Flint Journal reports:
Powers Catholic High School wants to move into General Motors' Service and Parts Operations World Headquarters by the end of this year and has asked the township for permission to get started.
Just think, Powers wanted Flint Central first, but the Flint school board wasn't interested.

Thanks to Duane "Perfect Attendance" Gilles for alerting me to this.

* Okay, so I really just repeated an unsubstantiated rumor back in September, but since it turned out to be true, let's call it "reporting."



  1. Granted, the move to this location probably meets most every cold, hard, textbook criterion that a committee could concoct, but as a Powers alumnus, something seems amiss to me about this decision. Attending school at the end of an office park cul-de-dac with a motel at the entrance seems uninspiring at best. Is it possible that they're trading in the future collective soul of the school for square footage and an exit ramp?

  2. This is all but done. As I have close family members still working at SPO HQ in Grand Blanc, it has been well known for some time amongst the remaining staff that their days are numbered in that building. Powers has been angling to relocate here for some time, and it certainly appears that they will before the end of this year.

  3. There had better be a scary 7-11 across the street. Otherwise, it wouldn't be the same! I mean, sneaking out for a Slurpee, cinnamon buns and the chance of getting mugged was a high school highlight.


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