Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Shrine to Flint Culture

Shawn Chittle, a Flint Expatriate now living in New York, has created an amazing new blog called Flint History. It's filled with Vehicle City memorabilia displayed with museum-like attention to detail. He also features great video clips and oddities like our favorite writer and rivetehead Ben Hamper's Chevy Truck & Bus I.D. badge. The site is nothing less than a shrine to Flint fashion, culture, and lore.

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  1. The site is hard to navigate at this point in its construction but it has a great potential. As a 1958 "graduate" of Cook School, I was mesmirized by the 1962 movie 'To Touch a Child' that was filmed at the school 4 years after I left; and that Shawn found on UTUBE. It also showed the newly built Southwestern High that I would attend the following year. Wow! what memories. I am impacted by the fact that if someone walked up to me that day in 1962 when it was filmed and tell me I would someday watch it as a streaming Video on my computer screen in color downloaded from the Utube Website on the Internet, I would not have recornized one word in that sentence.


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