Monday, January 24, 2011

Is Flint Shameless?

A Flint Expatriates reader checks in with the latest unflattering Flint reference on television...
A recent episode of the Showtime cable TV show Shameless had a Flint reference. The show stars Willliam H. Macy as the drunken patriarch of a highly dysfunctional Chicago family. In the most recent episode, Macy’s character is kidnapped with good intentions by the boyfriend of one of his children. The boyfriend explains he wanted to get the abusive dad away from the family to help them out. So the boyfriend put the highly intoxicated dad in the trunk of his car with plans to dump him in some “weird” place in Michigan ... like "Flint." Instead he ends up smuggling him across the border and drops him in Toronto. Too bad he didn’t dump him in Flint then maybe they would have filmed in the Vehicle City for a couple days and helped out the local economy. Although I will say, Flint has been called much worse than “weird.

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