Sunday, May 1, 2011

Calling All Intrepid Reporters...The Flint Journal is Hiring

Who says there are no jobs in Flint? And who says it's tough to find work as a journalist these days? It appears The Flint Journal is looking for a full-time, entry-level reporter. Not exactly an easy job, but it would probably be pretty exciting, especially for someone fresh out of journalism school who grew up in a tranquil suburb somewhere. I'll leave it up to readers to question the accuracy of the Journal's description of itself in the want ad below. Gilding the lily is more than acceptable if it means luring someone with journalism skills to Flint.
The Flint Journal — a newspaper that prides itself on investigative journalism and award-winning online news reporting — is looking for an entry-level reporter. We want a reporter who can dissect tough issues, sniff out hard-news stories and write compelling features. We also want a reporter who brings a passion for technology and online reporting. We’re looking for that perfect combination: Someone who can go beyond the inverted pyramid and can incorporate blogging, social media and sometimes shooting video into their reporting. We don’t expect you to already have all these skills, but we want journalists who are on the cutting edge and eager to adapt to the next best technology. E-mail your resume, clips and cover letter to


  1. Clearly the marketing flaks writing the want ad for the journal are more talented than the reporters. That made me want to apply. Do you know if they do drug testing?

  2. go for it, pelt. i think you have to be on drugs to get hired. you qualify!

  3. Come on, this would be a great job for someone fresh out of journalism school. Seriously, no shortage of great stories. Think of a young Charlie LeDuff. He would have kicked ass with this job.

  4. Absolutely Gordie - but I happen to disagree with the ad. The Flint Journal has only won one Pulitzer, for photography, in the 50's. For a city that has Pulitzer stories happening monthly, I would like to see some deeper stories. It's mostly reporting on events, not investigating them. Right now the best stuff about Flint is in... the New York Times.

    Kinda strange.

    Let's get a young Bobby Woodward in there!


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