Sunday, May 22, 2011

Flint Photos: Former Mayor Don Williamson with Lion


  1. I gotta say, every time you put up a picture of Don Williamson on xpats, it makes me think of the original 1973 Walking Tall movie. I have a mental picture of Don Williamson sending out the boys to take care of his political opponents.

  2. Man, what kind of ego must a person have to have that name plate on his desk?

  3. I like Don. He's a pretty accomplished guy, considering all of the shortcomings he's said to have.

    And, he was willing to devote his money and time toward the Mayorality, not because he had ambitions of higher political office, but because he thought maybe he could do a better job as Mayor than some of the folks who preceded him.

    So I figure he at least deserves my respect for trying.


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