Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ben Hamper's Soul Possession

If you haven't heard, you should really be listening to Ben Hamper's Soul Possession radio show out of Traverse City. Listen online here Fridays at 7:30 p.m. Michigan time.


  1. Ben's show is called "Soul Possession". He also does a country show called "Head For The Hills".

  2. Thanks for the catch. I just fixed it. I must have confused the genre on the station website with the show name. Either way, I listened last night online for the first time and really loved it. Great show. When's the country show air?

  3. Ben has always been an awesome voice to hear on the radio with his classic sense of humor. I remember listening to Take No Prisoners on WFBE way back when I lived at 2022 Barth St. The new shows are great. In fact you can download his shows over at if you run a search on Ben's name. You can also find Ben's old band Dr Schwartz Cult: Entire Mire at that same site. Hat's off to Ben.

  4. Ben's 'Soul Possession' airs Friday nights at 9-11PM EST and his Hillbilly/Country show 'Head For The Hills' is Sundays 10AM-Noon EST.

    If you miss the live stream, I maintain an archive of most of the past shows @


  5. Just listened to one of the archive editions of Head for the Hills. This could get addictive.


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