Sunday, August 19, 2012

Morrissey to Perform in Flint

This seems like a mistake, but Morrissey has scheduled a concert at Flint's Whiting Auditorium on Friday, October 26.

Can Flint handle Morrissey? Can Morrissey handle Flint?


  1. It's actually already looking like a pretty good match. There's been a lot of excitement for him to come from people here, and the ticket sales seemed to have gone well from what I last heard. Plus the Whiting, just as a venue, seems to have the effect of bringing in a very well-dressed, patronizing crowd. Nothing helps Morrissey's stage persona more than a patronizing audience. I think he'll be a little taken with us, perhaps enough to return.

  2. I was shocked that his only Michigan date was in Flint, but also very, very happy. I wonder if his terrible time at the Royal Oak Music Theatre had anything to do with him staying out of Metro Detroit:

    Their loss is our gain!

  3. super pumped. grew up on the Smiths. never thought i'd see Morrissey in Flint.

  4. When I bought tickets to the show, 2 minutes after officially going on sale,(they had pre-sale tickets,) the closest I could get was for GG. (Yes, they start at A). Everyone is buzzing and very excited about this show. We hope that The Whiting sees how much hype this concert has booked, and continue to book for shows like this in the future.


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