Friday, August 17, 2012

Stefan Eins and the Flint Public Art Project

The gargantuan Flint Public Art Project is still happening. Here's the latest:
Stefan Eins arrived in Flint two weeks ago. Inspired by the spirit of innovation in this city’s history, he has created a series of images to be installed on Sunday, August 19th in the windows of Gazall, Lewis & Associates at the Mott Foundation buildingon Saginaw and First Streets. An extension of his Five Found Pieces installation for the August Artwalk with two additional works, the images are Eins’ response to visiting 'Chevy in the Hole' and other public spaces and to meeting Flint residents. On Aug. 23, the installation will be on view in the Flint Public Art Project office at 124 W. First Street, by appointment only. 
Reception at The Torch Bar, Buckham Alley, Sunday, August 19th, 5 – 7 PM, in the immediate vicinity of the Mott Foundation building.


  1. I am glad to see that there is funding available for a visiting artist to get works mounted in our town. After a two week immersion into all that is Flint, I am sure that he is able to do what no local artist is capable of. Visiting Chevy in the Hole today is certainly a great source of inspiration for artistic commentary on Industrialization and Organized Labor. There is a ton of history represented by busted concrete and weeds.

  2. Yeah, I question if some of these artists really know all that much about Flint, but bringing in some out of town creative types isn't the worst thing that could happen to the city. At the same time, this is all getting funded by some sort of grant, I'm assuming. And I can't help thinking the money would have been much better spent on some of flint's more basic needs...hire an extra cop for a year, tear down some abandoned houses before they get burned down, give micro loans out for people to fix up their houses. I know that's not how grants work, but it's hard to see how the art projects are helping things in the long run.


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