Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Flint Water Crisis

“What took the governor so long to do something about this?” asked Dan Reyes, 46, an autoworker and Flint resident who brought bottles full of the city’s tap water to offer to legislators. “The message is clear to us: Flint is a predominantly minority, poor community. In Flint, you don’t matter to Snyder’s brand of politician.”

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  1. I think that the water in other Michigan and United States Cities should be secretly and independently tested. I have visited areas of California, for instance, where NO ONE DRANK THE TAP WATER, because it was HORRIBLE SMELLING AND TASTING. The Flint situation, although it seems horrible, may be way overblown and politicized. It is possible that they are trying to ruin Governor Snyder like they did to George W. Bush over Hurricane Katrina and tried to ruin Governor Scott Walker because of his political successes and defeats of his detractors. I think Bill Ballenger, a man who spends much time in Flint drinking the tap water, is on to something.

  2. Shut up. Bill Ballenger is onto NOTHING. There is plenty of evidence that this is a catastrophe for THOUSANDS. Stop carrying water for Snyder. He is guilty as are many others. Some will be Democrats some Republicans.


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